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4 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Page

By: Isabella Bobonis Bhatia

1. Add a bio

Adding a bio to your LinkedIn page will allow others to know what you are actively working on. If you are a student identify yourself as one, your interests and any extracurriculars you are working on. This allows people coming across your page to know more about you at a quick glance.

2. Be detailed

Through your bio, title and job descriptions. Adding details in these sections allows for connections and potential employers to know your skills and interests. Additionally, this practice highlights skills that you have gained through past work experience or class projects.

3. Use keywords

This also applies to being detailed. Using keywords that stand out in your field will help maximize the reach of your profile in the industry. This also conveys that you have taken time to research your field by being meticulous about how you represent yourself within it.

4. Highlight projects and certifications

If you have skills that you have gained through projects or certifications that have not been represented in your professional experience, add them to your LinkedIn page. Showcasing what experience you have, even those not carried out at a professional level shows what you are capable of doing at a higher capacity.


About the Author:

Isabella Bobonis is a Public Relations graduate student, hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is currently an Account Supervisor for PRLab and is interested in working in Entertainment PR, specifically in the music industry.

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