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Client Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a PRLab client for a future semester! Please read the information below if you would like to become our client.

3-Step Application Process


Review Client Expectation


Online Application

Please click the button below to complete our online client application


Interview Schedule

After you apply, a PRLab executive board member will schedule a phone interview to discuss your business objectives

Application Timeline

PRLab’s work is separated into 2 semesters: fall and spring. Our board will consider applications received by June 1 for the fall semester, with final decisions announced in August. The board will consider applications received by November 1 for the spring semester, with final decisions announced in January.

Application Evaluation

Application to PRLab does not guarantee acceptance. Instead, PRLab takes new clients each semester depending upon:

  • Demand

  • Student registration

  • Current clients

  • Returning clients

Client Fee

PRLab charges each client a fee of $300 per semester (once accepted as client).

This fee includes:

  1. An account team consisting of two to four account executives, one account supervisor, and one account director. This account team is responsible for achieving the public relations tactics and objectives outlined in the scope of work each client negotiates with the president of client service at the beginning of his/her engagement with PRLab. This scope of work serves as a framework for each engagement.

  2. The account team’s careful planning and thorough execution of a client’s public relations needs through paid, earned, shared, and/or owned media. PRLab’s services include but are not limited to strategic planning, digital and creative, social media, and media relations, as well as crisis communications and issues management.

  3. The account team’s budget planning for proposed public relations strategies and tactics.

The $300 fee per semester does not include:

  1. Additional printing services, including but not limited to brochures, posters, or promotional materials. While an account team may design and disseminate such materials, clients must cover all printing costs.

  2. Additional transportation fees related to off-site meetings and events that exceed $100 per account team.

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