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PRLab is honored to have worked with a diverse array of commercial, mission-driven, and government entities throughout its 43-year tenure.

PRLab runs on a 10-week basis during the fall and spring semesters (please refer to BU academic calendar), from late September to early December and from early February to late April, respectively.


Before the semester commences, prospective clients are required to submit their PR needs and objectives to PRLab for review as a scope of work. Once accepted as a client, clients should thoroughly read the client manual. The PRLab board assigns one director, one supervisor, and two to four account executives to work as an account team with the client. The account executives then collaborate to accomplish the client’s PR goals.


PRLab’s student staff members will earn either two or four credits for this class, meaning they will work seven or 12 hours per week, respectively, on their client’s account. Account supervisors and account executives work closely with the clients not as interns, but as an actual PR team.

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