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Client Expectations

Throughout its 45-year tenure, PRLab has had the distinct pleasure of working with organizations across the United States hailing from the nonprofit, private, and public sectors.


Prospective clients of PRLab often ask us what steps they may take to facilitate productivity and progress with their account team throughout the semester.

We Are Your PR Team

Understand that agency directors, account supervisors, and account executives work in tandem with PRLab’s clients not as interns, but as an actual PR team. At the same time, please note that PRLab account executives are students in varying stages of their public relations education at Boston University’s College of Communication.

  • While agency directors and account supervisors will be experienced in leadership and public relations, some account executives may be learning on the job. We ask that clients remain patient, respectful, and responsive as account executives adjust to their roles in a client-service environment.


$300 Client Fee

Settle your PRLab bill of $300 per semester within 30 days of receipt. The President of Client Service will bill all clients at the beginning of each semester.


Attend Weekly Meetings

Attend weekly meetings with your account team either in-person at PRLab’s office, Room B37-A in Boston University’s College of Communication, on site at your location (if accessible by public transportation), or by conference call. During these weekly meetings, you will be:

  • Updated on your account team’s progress

  • Engaged in discussion about your organization’s PR strategy and tactics

  • Asked to provide verbal feedback on and approval of public relations deliverables


Monitor Your Inbox

Monitor your inbox and respond to your account team’s email inquiries within two business days. Email communication will supplement the weekly meetings with your account team. As such, your account team will email you to:

  • Obtain your written feedback on and approval of public relations deliverables

  • Ask you questions about your public relations needs

  • Keep you apprised to the strategic direction of your account


Submit Your Online Evaluation

Submit an online evaluation form of your account supervisor and your account executives at the end of the semester. Client evaluations will be provided to you by your account supervisor two weeks in advance of the submission deadline.

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