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Be Your Own Biggest Fan: How to Approach "Tell me About Yourself."

By: Ashley Facey

As students hunting for internships and job opportunities, recruiters and interviewers will recite their notorious prompt: "So, tell me about yourself." Well, I like the color pink and singing in the shower, but that's not what they are interested in hearing. They want to hear an elevator pitch. They want to hear about your motivations, capabilities, goals, and how you would contribute to their team or organization.

This is the perfect opportunity to highlight your strengths, experiences, and value, but that's only achievable if you're comfortable talking highly about yourself. Here are a few notes to keep in mind for the next time you're prompted to tell someone about yourself.

1. It's not bragging, it's advertising

Knowing your strengths and aspirations and then sharing that information does not make you sound conceited or stuck up. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is trying to dull your sparkle (even if that person is you).

2. People DO judge books by their covers - have a good title page

The way you present yourself is the first thing people notice about you. Knowing how to describe your capabilities, experiences, and value is a display of confidence and self assurance.

3. Take control of your narrative

No one knows your story better than you, so you should be the absolute best at crafting, perfecting, and sharing your story.

4. Have a formula

What do you want interviewers to know about you? You can create your own formula using factors about your identity, interests, aspirations, and even your hobbies. My elevator pitch formula includes my name, where I'm from, my major, what industry/career path I'm interested in, and why I'm interested in it.

5. Return the favor

Ask the interviewer about themselves! Further the conversation and have a good 'ol chit chat. You never know what you can find in common.

Now take these reminders, and read them to yourself over and over until you become your own biggest fan.


About the Author:

Ashely Facey is a senior from Queens, New York majoring in public relations. Her love for the arts and dedication to DE&I have inspired her to pursue entertainment and music PR after graduation. She is currently the account supervisor for the Greater Roxbury Arts and Cultural Center and the Geena Davis Institute of Gender in Media, and she previously served as an account executive for the National Center of Race Amity. Outside of PRLab, Ashley co-directs BU's Fusion Dance Troupe and is an operations assistant at the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground.

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