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5 Tips for Internship Application Season

By: Mia Chai

Internships are a great building block to gain experience and discover if a particular industry or organization is the right fit for you. Read on for 5 tips to obtain that dream internship and survive intern application season!

Create a Tracker:

Stay organized by creating a tracker to manage and keep track of internships you want to apply to. You should capture important information such as the organization’s name and industry, position title and description, internship and/or application link, recruiter or hiring manager name and contact information, status of application and due date. Keep in mind that different industries have different timelines for when they accept applications.

Research Your Dream Companies:

You can supplement your internship search by doing your own research in addition to LinkedIn or Handshake. Look up organizations you are interested in working for and go to their internal website for internship opportunities. You can also conduct research in industries or sectors you have a passion for. As Mark Twain said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Polish your LinkedIn and Handshake Profiles:

Spend time on polishing and making your LinkedIn and Handshake profiles not only professional but have it tell something special and unique about you. Make sure your relevant work and volunteer experiences are current and up to date. You can also enhance your profile by having a great summary or “about” section in LinkedIn. The space can be used to highlight something about you, describe what you are passionate about or just express your personality. It is an undervalued way to make a strong first impression.

Connect with people and expand your network. Do not be afraid to reach out to people at your dream job. You can set up a coffee chat, virtual or in person.

BU Career Center:

The BU Center for Career Development (CCD) is a great resource and BU’s colleges also have their own career center including the College of Communication (COM). They offer personalized feedback for resumes and cover letters, host workshops and events, and provide career guides, interview tips and advice. If you go in for a resume review, make sure you have proofread and double checked for all spelling and grammatical mistakes.

The CDC has developed internship and experiential programs. One program is the Yawkey Nonprofit Internship Program which gives students a living allowance stipend for unpaid internships at nonprofit organizations.

In addition, COM has specific internship funds such as the COM Fellows Fund that supports students in media and communication related internships at places such as America’s Test Kitchen and Boston 25. There are also fellowships and scholarships specifically for diverse students.

Be Patient:

Finding an internship can be stressful. Be kind to yourself and break down the process so it is not too daunting and overwhelming. Strive to apply to two internships a week, it adds up!


About the Author:

Mia Chai is a junior from North Bethesda, Maryland studying public relations with a minor in business. She is currently an account supervisor at PRLab for Spikewell and was previously an account executive for Ben & Jerry’s! This past summer, Mia was a Financial & Professional Services intern at Ketchum in Washington D.C. serving on Deloitte’s account teams and covering Q2 earnings for Target. Outside of PRLab, Mia is also involved with the COM Ambassador Program, Delta Gamma, and BU PRSSA.

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