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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your PRLab Experience

By: Corey Peters

There is no doubt that PRLab, the longest student-run PR agency in the country, will allow students to grow skills in public relations. With a combination of creating real client work, enhancing professional portfolios, and gaining knowledge in the world of public relations, PRLab is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons as a PR student and young professional.

Let's dive into five ways to make the most of your time in PRLab:

1. Advance a New skill

It can be pretty tempting to want to practice the PR skills that you are already knowledgeable in. For example, if you have worked in social media in the past, you may want to continue with this while in PRLab. While this is definitely helpful to your account team and your client, you can also try something new.

Take the opportunity to try out something you may not feel as confident in. You may be surprised just how good you are! Your supervisor, director, and professors are here to support you and guide you throughout the process of client work. Make the most of the opportunity of doing real PR client work to develop even more skills you can take with you into your professional future.

2. Enhance Your Client Relations

One of the best parts of PRLab is that we work with real clients. Your work in PRLab is put into the world and makes a real difference for your client.

Because of this, it is the perfect time to enhance your client relations skills. Don't be afraid to communicate with your client, ask questions, and offer any help to them. By doing this, you enhance your professional skillset and will be prepared for any client-based roles in your future.

3. Make Connections with Your Peers

PRLab is also a very collaborative environment. Being in an account team with other account executives is a great way to connect with your peers and fellow classmates. But don't be afraid to connect with other teams. PRLab is full of future PR professionals that we can connect with throughout the entirety of our careers.

Reach out to fellow classmates, have conversations, and share any helpful tips with each other. These connections can help us make the most of PRLab currently and in our futures.

4. Take Every Opportunity that Presents Itself

PRLab is full of opportunities to grow and have new experiences. Events can offer opportunities to practice your skills and network with industry peers and professionals. In addition to this, speaker panels in class can offer you the chance to ask questions and learn from PR professionals. Even helping out other teams in miscellaneous activities or events can help you learn even more and grow as a student and a professional. Always remember that PRLab is an opportunity to learn, so make sure to ask questions and engage in conversations!

5. Connect with PRLab Professors and Alumni

Some of the greatest resources to us are right at our fingertips with PRLab. Our professors are always here to answer any questions and guide us through client work and academic work. Don't hesitate to ask questions, attend office hours, connect through LinkedIn, and start any conversations with our amazing professors.

Not just this, PRLab also has a vast network of alumni who are professionals and leaders in PR. Utilize PRLab guest speakers/panels, events, and LinkedIn to connect with these alumni and learn from them even more.

All in all, PRLab offers unique experiences for all of us to grow as PR professionals. Make sure to not take any opportunity for granted and always make the most of your time as a PRLab student!


About the Author:

Originally from Southern Indiana, Corey Peters is now a junior at Boston University majoring in Public Relations and minoring in the History of Art and Architecture. She is currently serving as an Account Supervisor with PRLab and oversees the Rising Tide Travel and Female Athlete Program accounts. Additionally, she has experience presently working as a Marketing Intern, and has previously worked as a Beauty and Lifestyle PR Intern, Digital Brand Marketing Intern, and Brand Ambassador. After graduating, Corey is interested in working in public relations or marketing in the beauty, lifestyle, or arts industries with a focus in copywriting.

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